About Us


Our mission is to serve God's purpose for this business, which is to build a portfolio of investment property communities and a large network of investors, buyers, sellers, and tenants whom we serve by operating with character, integrity and a commitment to excellence! 


Vision Statement


We envision Infintiy Investments growing into a multi-national brokerage & investment firm with over 25 franchises in core urban markets across the united states by 2018. With the focus being on building a portfolio of properties through syndications, we will organically grow the brokeage business around and in support of our core investment plan.



Infinity Investments is a commercial real estate investment firm specializing in the syndications, brokerage and management of multi-family apartment buildings. Our core business strategy is to syndicate properties where there will retain a minimum of 10% ownership of the asset and 90% of the time there will be either a commission earned or an acquisition or syndication fee received upon close of the property. Also, this strategy allows us to retain management fees and cash flow from the operations of the property as well equity and profit on the backend of the holding period. This is the core of business and we plan to have 1000 units in our portflio by the end of 2018. Because of our heavy investment activity, we will meet several property owners who don't wish to sell to us and several investors who won't chose to  invest with us so as a result we will do business with these client in a brokerage capacity.